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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Healthy Skin Hack: Keeping your makeup brushes pristine, might just be what results in blemish free skin!

Ok hear me out, it's no secret that makeup brushes need to be washed often, but who is actually doing it & routinely doing it? Other than makeup artists, most people brush this menial task off.

Pesky culprit

Take the bore & chore out cleaning brushes

As a licensed esthetician of 6 years, I often see this culprit go unnoticed that I now have started asking all my new patients & consults battling acne, how exactly they take care of their makeup brushes.

Two steps forward, three steps back

Believe me, I am all for treatments + custom skincare routines + clinical grade products for long term results. But if you're investing in all of the above without also routinely cleaning your makeup brushes & beauty blenders, then you're basically undoing all of the hard work & investment you put down.

Attainable cleaning schedule

Make it fun, easy & fast!

What I have found keeps people accountable to clean their makeup brushes is an attainable cleaning schedule & taking the bore & chore out of cleaning brushes. Make it fun, easy & fast! You don't have to spend hours hovering over your bathroom sink giving your brushes a bath every week. Consider this routine, try it out & see if it works for you: Foundation brushes 1x a week--> Blush & bronzer brushes 1x every 2 weeks--> Eye shadow brushes 1x a month.

Get Inspired

And if you need inspiration for what to use, consider the Swirl & Sparkle, a bestie for your brushes, brush cleanser! Check out this video to to see how easy it is to use. This brush cleanser takes the brain work out of it. It is vegan + cruelty free + safe for even sensitive skin types. Not to mention eco friendly since all you need is 1 cup of water to soak your brushes instead of filling up the whole sink. More info on this brush cleanser coming soon!

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