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All About Sugaring

Sugaring is a form of hair removal, specifically Epilation where hair is removed at the root.

It is an ancient form of hair removal as it is well documented that the women of ancient Egypt, specifically in Alexandria, began practicing Sugaring to uphold a standard of cleanliness! When hair is removed effectively, odor is controlled and Sugaring was a great way for the women to feel beautiful and sanitary. Cleopatra herself is believed to have practiced Sugaring.

Some Awesome Benefits of Sugaring:

1) It's never hot, only body temperature. No risk for burning.

2) Sugar Paste is water soluble & can simply be rinsed away.

3)The direction in which its applied & removed eliminates hair breakage & ingrown hairs.

4) Sugar Paste only adheres to dead skin cells, never live skin cells. This prevents damage & Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

5) Sugaring can be performed anywhere on the body & on any hair or skin type-there are very few contraindications because it is so gentle & excellent for sensitive skin.

6) Sugaring is all natural & does not contain resins or chemicals like wax.

7) Sugar paste reduces environmental impact: No need for sticks or strips, promoting sustainability.

8) Consistent Sugaring leads to reduction in hair growth.

Sugar, Sugar

I've had a love affair with sugaring since my esthetician school days. Dissapointed that we would not be learning it hands on & only reading about it in our textbook, triggered a curiosity in me to explore it & seek it out on my own time. Not a whole lot of YouTube content on it back in 2016, let alone social media content, but I did come across a recipe that I pursued. A sweet girlfriend of mine agreed to be my leg model & together we would sit around my kitchen stove making this paste marveling that it was only made out of lemon, sugar & water. Some way, some how, with no training other than a 5 min YT video, we successfully sugared her legs a few times. I was thrilled! But like many extracurricular hobbies, it fell to the wayside. In the summer of 2020 I saw it potentially become an avenue to pursue again when I interviewed at a sugaring spa in the city. Where it not for the numerous red flags I noticed about the business operations, I probably would have accepted the offer. Once again, I hung up my curiosity & interest for it. Then in late 2022, tell me why when I was searching for esthetician equipment to go out on own, my husband found a lady in Indiana (on Craigslist) selling her gently used hydrafacial machine, multi-function machine & two spa carts. A deal so good I messaged her immediately & we agreed to meet. We got to her in Indiana, just a 40 min drive from Chicago & lo & behold, she also had 6 unopened jars of professional sugaring paste bundled into the equipment deal I was about to purchase from her. I knew then & there I had to stop ignoring passions that have been calling my name. You know, those whispers you ignore from time to time & make excuses for? Yea those. Listen to those!!! So I am super excited to finally be stepping into this realm of esthetics & learning the beautiful art of sugar hair removal. It's been a long time coming! Thank you for reading if you have made it this far! :) xoxo


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