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As your provider, my primary goal is to give you the proper knowledge, education & tools you need for your unique skin & goals. I want you to learn to become your own advocate & to learn to navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of beauty & skincare so that you may know how to tell apart a trending fad from the tried, true & time tested.




My Story

I've been a licensed Esthetician since 2016. What brought me to the world of esthetics were my own skin issues with eczema back in 2012. In search for solutions, I enrolled at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) to study a holistic approach & to learn how to address root causes. Upon graduating from the program, I realized I still wasn’t ready to take clients or advise people on the care of their skin. I had gained a holistic foundation/ background but I still needed to deeply understand skin! In January of 2015 I enrolled in Esthetician school at New Age Spa Institute & I've never looked back.

I have worked in many settings. From day spas, med spas, resort spa, laser hair removal clinic, & brand rep work, I've been able to acquire some amazing skincare knowledge along the way!

I am most passionate & enthusiastic about the esthetics industry and I love to continually immerse myself in ongoing product, ingredient, & treatment education. I strive to give meticulous customer service, to treatment plan, & to be a resource to all of my clients. Continuing education is what drives me to seek the best for my clients. Please know that you are in capable hands & that I honor the space you're sharing with me by entrusting me with your skin & esthetic needs. 

After 8 years in this industry I've learned that skincare is not a one size fits all, but rather an individual & integrative one. These days I like to  specialize in skin health, facials & lash extensions. With a clinical meets holistic approach & in a no rush setting I want to learn about your skin goals, lifestyle, health history, & stress levels to know how to best treatment plan you for your long term skin health because it is all connected, I don’t care what western medicine says, it really all is. 


I never felt drawn to a traditional college experience. I completed up the associate level of college education & moved on to nutrition studies before I flirted with the idea of esthetics school. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself as owner/operator. But life works in mysterious ways. So I thank you for joining me on this journey. A business is nothing without the support behind it. I am forever grateful for every single client & customer. 

Zuri's Aestética was officially born in 2022. It is a play on words & an homage to my immigrant roots. “Estetica” means beauty parlor in Spanish. I knew I wanted to honor my background & my parent’s many sacrifices, hopes, & dreams when coming to the US & bringing me with them.

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