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Lash & Brow 

Eyebrow Threading

Lash Extensions

Damage free only

UK & US made lash adhesives equals damage free lash extensions. Since 2017, I’ve been lashing natural lash extension styles that will never distort the natural eye shape, but rather enhance it. If you are looking for volume or mega volume looks, please look for another lash artist because I do not & will not offer those lash styles. Only Classic & Hybrid lash styles are available to ensure & maintain the integrity & health of the natural lashes. Years of experience in my previous life as an ophthalmic medical scribe & working closely alongside an ophthalmologist treating various eye concerns, has  given me the confidence to work with the eyes, lids,  lashes, & know how to troubleshoot when working in this delicate eye area. 

Eyebrow Threading 

Brow cleanups are available as an add on to any facial service for $15 or $25 as a standalone service. Both are brow cleanups ONLY and do not include makeup applications such as brow highlighter or brow pencil. 

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that is safe for all skin types, skin tones & skin conditions, even the most sensitive as this form of hair removal is not removing live skin cells. 

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